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Rekindling the Original Spark

Plymouth Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Plymouth Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Plymouth Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Plymouth Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Plymouth Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
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Rekindling the original spark

Do you ever wonder what happened to the warm loving feelings you once had in your relationship?

When two people are attracted to each other sometimes a special chemistry develops. These two people find themselves thinking about each other frequently and begin to organize their lives around creating opportunities to grow closer to each other. Strong feelings of love and affection develop. Desires for physical connection can become overpowering. Sometimes these powerful feelings of love and affection can cloud a person's vision allowing them to overlook the reality that their partner is only human and is not necessarily the ideal person for them. As these relationships move from one level of commitment to the next, be it choosing to live together or committing to marriage, the intensity of the original feelings can begin to change. As the old saying goes... "Familiarity breeds contempt".


What we are about:

As disappointment begins to grow, a stronger feeling of disillusionment may set in. Often attempts at communication can become angry and hostile or a couple gives up on trying to engage in effective communication entirely. Sometimes as individuals grow discontented they may even consider ending the relationship. Some invest time and energy listening or viewing relationship oriented podcasts or videos. Others seek advice from friends or family members. We offer an approach that involves exploring the nature of the problems in the relationship and applying proven methods to repair the problems. Most people recognize that seeking input from an impartial third party is a much better alternative than discussing relationship problems with people close to the situation. Other people attempt to keep their frustration and pain to themselves. Our master relationship coach has personal experience in different types of committed relationships both unhealthy as well as his current marriage which is happy and healthy. Beyond that he has advanced training and many years of experience applying proven principles to assist hundreds of couples turn their relationship around.

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Your coach's personal experience

Relationship coach Jon Newcomb has lived a life that has featured significant relationship success as well as relationship failures. Jon has made it a personal mission to share what he has learned both from those successes as well as disappointments to help others learn to avoid common relationship mistakes as well as guiding principles that lead to relationship success.

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Quality and care in our craft is what has made us the company we are today. Rest easy knowing you’ll always get the highest-quality service from us.

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With years in the practice of counseling and coaching and hours upon hours of education, training and on-the-job experience, our master relationship coach is ready to show up and tackle the toughest of relationship issues.

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Customer service isn’t just friendly greetings; it’s also a commitment to doing right by the client no matter what. We won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the end result—that’s our guarantee to you!

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We love what we do, and we care about the people we do it for. Finding an industry we’re passionate about is an amazing reward for our time—and we think you’ll be able to tell from the results we deliver.

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