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Rekindling the Original Spark

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Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach

Maple Grove Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Maple Grove Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Maple Grove Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Maple Grove Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
Maple Grove Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach
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Rekindling the original spark

Do you ever wonder what happened to the warm loving feelings you once had in your relationship?

Sometimes in life two people are attracted to each other in a unique way. For many, they may develop a sense that there is a special chemistry between them. Frequently these two people find themselves thinking about each other often and begin to organize their lives around creating opportunities to spend time together and to grow close to one another. Strong feelings of tenderness and affection develop. Time together features enjoyable conversations, having fun together, lots of laughter, and much happiness. Desire for physical connection can become overpowering. The feelings involved as we are “falling in love” can be intense and intoxicating. Many people make serious commitments to their loved one with the expectation that these wonderful feelings will last indefinitely. For some fortunate couples those feelings continue uninterrupted as the two individuals in the relationship learn to adjust to one another, make accommodations for each other’s humanity, and work together to resolve difficulties in order to maintain those special feelings of being in love and staying in love.

Other couples may find that personal differences, trouble resolving conflict, and poor communication can cloud the special feelings that they once enjoyed. For some couples the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship might come to an end rather abruptly. They may fall into bad habits: Taking each other for granted, exchanging unkind words with each other, but most of all, failing to continue doing the things that once evoked good feelings for each other. Selfishness, insensitivity, and inconsiderate actions may lead some individuals to believe that their partner simply doesn’t care for them as they originally had hoped. Without proper guidance this can lead to a breakdown of one’s belief that that your partner is concerned with your best interest. Some individuals are simply ill-equipped to practice peaceful ways of settling differences, they may frequently feel unheard in their attempts to communicate their needs and desires. At times the feelings of love and affection that they once enjoyed can morph into contempt and mistrust. They may even entertain thoughts that they might be better off ending the relationship.


What we are about:

We’re here to let you know that there is help and there is hope. For decades, master relationship coach Jon Newcomb has led countless couples on a path to healing and restoration of love and commitment. Beginning with identifying significant problem areas in a relationship, Jon guides his clients in learning to own their mistakes, to make amends for past hurts, to let go of old resentments, and ultimately to put into practice new and effective ways of giving and receiving love. He does this by creating a safe environment where individuals can speak their truth to one another, enabling deep meaningful conversations in respectful tones. Rather than rehashing old fights, sessions with Jon include helpful feedback from a neutral third party, the teaching of effective communication tools and techniques which are based on sound research, along with wise advice from a person with a wealth of experience and a strong working knowledge of what leads to success in relationships.

Will it work for me?

With the goal and objective of returning to the good times… the happiness, the laughter and the warm loving feelings that brought you together in the first place, you too can join the many couples who have benefited from the life lessons, success stories, and the wisdom that comes only from a lifetime of experience. You too can turn your relationship around like so many others have already done. Don’t just take our word for it. Take advantage of a free thirty-minute consultation to speak directly to Jon about your unique circumstances. Call Today (763-710-7670) or click here to schedule your free consultation or simply send us a message.

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5 Stars

Jon helped my husband and I through some very tough conversations. We gave us tools and resources to use at home. Our relationship has taken a very position turn and Jon is the reason why.
- A Felix

5 Stars

I researched and selected Jon because of his experience with the Gottman Method as a guide for making relationships work. I was not disappointed - Jon was able to provide insights and tools for going forward in my own growth and well being and within our marriage.
- Lori Hutchings

5 Stars

My soon to be wife and I did a few sessions with Dr. Newcombe leading up to our wedding. We were both thrilled with the sessions and talking with Jon. He gave us some tools to help deal with present day issues and to set us up for a happy marriage. Thank you so much, Dr!
- Derek Bredesen

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