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Meet Jon Newcomb

Master relationship coach Jon Newcomb is a Minnesota native currently living in a suburb of Minneapolis. After four years of active-duty service in the United States Navy, Jon pursued a degree in music education. Graduating with high honors from Minnesota State University Mankato. Following college, Jon taught high school music in southern Minnesota for years. Advanced musical studies brought Jon, his wife and their children to the Minneapolis area. Jon’s career has included an additional twenty years of military service as a “weekend warrior” in the United States Army Reserve. Civilian career choices have included blue collar as well as white collar occupations. In his forties, Jon decided to go back to grad school once again, this time preparing for a career as a marriage and family therapist. Sometimes working within an agency, sometimes in private practice, Jon developed a love and passion for helping individuals and couples find health and happiness in their relationships.

Putting a high priority on family relationships, Jon is the proud father of five adult children, having been happily married (for the most part) for twenty years to his first wife (the mother of all his children). Jon now has the additional blessing of 6 brilliant and good-looking grandchildren. Celebrating 17 years of marriage with his current wife, Jon successfully applies the same principles that he teaches to clients in his own marriage, leading to a high level of marital satisfaction.

Now as a life coach specializing in relationship work, Jon is able to provide effective counseling services to individuals and couples nationwide. Many current and former clients agree that Jon is a laid-back individual with whom they are comfortable talking about anything.

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