Are you looking to address the issues that always re-emerge during times of stress and strife? Are you tired of going in circles with your romantic partner, and never feeling like you’re moving forward?

If so, you’re not alone. In the interest of maintaining a manageable equilibrium, countless couples set major issues aside. While people might think they’re experts at keeping these feelings out of sight, it only takes one minor upset to bring these issues to the surface.

The Most Potent Relationship Poison

Contempt is an indicator of a failing relationship. It feels like squirting lemon juice in a fresh cut. And shows lack of respect and a disregard for the person you have promised to cherish above all others.

Contempt is the most poisonous of all relationship killers. It arises when one or both partners can’t express their anger or why they’re upset. They bottle their feelings up, letting those negative emotions color their viewpoint and affect all their interactions with their significant other. When there’s contempt, it’s near-impossible to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

That fact cannot be emphasized enough. Contempt destroys psychological, emotional, and physical health. It affects everything: communication, love, health, and well-being, creating a fount of toxic behavior. Fortunately, though, there are ways to combat contempt.

Trusted Solutions to Overcome Contempt

If contempt has taken its toll on your relationship, Coaching For Your Life is here to help. As a contempt specialist, we provide real, actionable solutions to help you battle contempt and eliminate it for good. Through time-tested strategies, we help you express your feelings in productive ways that prevent contempt from taking hold. Our expertise has helped countless partners build stronger bonds and lasting relationships. We’re confident it can help you, too.

As a client of ours, you can expect:

  • • Personalized solutions
  • • Compassionate care and counsel
  • • Thoughtful guidance
  • • Practical, step-by-step advice
  • • A relationship coach committed to your success

Relationship Coaching tailored to You

Every relationship is different. That’s why we strive to tailor our sessions to each client’s needs, wants, and precise specifications. We work closely with each client to deliver a personalized service that puts their needs first.

We take the time to get to know you—both in and out of the relationship—so we can help you discover your strengths, build your confidence, and become a more communicative partner. We want to help you work through all the challenges your relationship is facing. That way, you and your loved one will be ready for anything.

Build a Loving, Trusting Relationship

Contempt can ruin a relationship. The good news—you don’t have to let it. Coaching For Your Life’s trusted coaching sessions empower couples to overcome feelings of contempt, resentment, and other negative emotions to build a better life together. Our integrative approach draws on a range of disciplines and experiences to give you the comprehensive guidance you need to feel happier, healthier, and more in love.

With our services, you can:

  • • Improve communication
  • • Develop self-awareness in fights
  • • Learn how to resolve conflict
  • • Gain self-confidence
  • • Build trust in your relationship
  • • Defeat contempt once and for all

Communication: The Key to Healthy Unions

Communication is key to a long-lasting and healthy relationship. To communicate on a deep level means doing more than simply asking one another how your day has gone. To practice healthy communication is to connect with your partner in a way that fulfills their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Without a capacity for communication, one romantic partner might leave the other person feeling completely alone in the relationship.

Identifying Your Communication Styles

In order to improve the level of communication in a relationship, you and your spouse first need to identify your primary communication styles and needs.

Every person has different needs in a relationship. Some benefit from head-on discussions about tough issues, while others require space and time to think about their feelings before they express them. In our sessions, you will learn the best path forward.

Contempt As a Weapon

In any conflict, there are sides to be chosen and weapons to be used. The real question to consider is, are you on the same team as your partner – or are you on opposite sides of the conflict?

When any conflict presents itself in your marriage, you should work together as a team. It should be both of you vs. the conflict – not you vs. me.

Let’s see what that looks like with a real example.

Tim and Lisa have been married for 15 years, they have 3 beautiful children, a wonderful home and appear to have the perfect American Dream of a life. But behind the scenes, there is a force slowly chipping away at the foundation of their marriage.

It’s contempt.

Let’s visit a typical night in their house…

“Oh good, you’re home… I’ve been home dealing with the kids all day and I need some help.”

“I’d be glad to help you with your job, just let me put my briefcase down and maybe take my jacket off first.”

“Well, if you’d like some dinner you’ll need to parent your children long enough for me to cook for you.”

“I don’t know why you have such a problem, my mom always managed to have dinner on the table when my father got home from work.”


Obviously, both Tim and Lisa are stressed and frazzled and instead of coming together, they are taking it out on each other.

Contempt is essentially one person thinking their needs are more important than their partner’s or that they are superior to their partner.

Why Contempt is Dangerous

Contempt is an attack on your partner’s sense of self. Marriage is a partnership between two individuals to create a life together. If there is contempt present, rather than drawing the partners closer, it will cause a rift that sometimes cannot be healed.

Contempt leads to and escalates conflict. It’s difficult to resolve any problem when one person is getting the message that they don’t matter. Further, if one person is being belittled or led to believe their partner sees them as inferior – what reason do they have to work to reconcile?

It manifests in behavior like sarcasm, eye-rolling, regular interruption, criticism, and regular impatience. The person showing contempt has work to do on their communication… But relationships are a two-way street. There are many behaviors that can make one the target of their partner’s contempt. Because contempt often arises when complaints are ignored, it is vital to the health of your relationship to openly listen to your partner’s issues, while they remain small.

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