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Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Relationship Coach and Dating Coach

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At Coaching For Your Life LLC, our certified life coach, Jon Newcomb, understands different issues can arise in your primary relationships at any time, which can make you question the longevity of your partnership. As Maple Grove's top resource for actionable and compassionate life coaching solutions, he's always here to help you navigate uncharted waters and uncertain times.

With proven methods and a trustworthy and easy to talk to attitude, Jon will help you restore the communication, intimacy, and emotional connection you deserve.

Contact Jon at (612) 227-2001 to set up an appointment for a no-risk consultation.

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Life Coaching Service

Jon offers a wealth of certified life coaching services to support individuals and couples in learning critical skills for relating to one another in a positive manner.

Whether you are dating, cohabitating, in a long-term relationship, or married, Jon helps you work through tough conversations in a respectful, logical way. This allows you to develop the conflict resolution skills necessary to give you and your partner peace of mind and a better understanding of one another.

Some of the area's Jon's extensive training and experience cover include:

  • Dating coaching
  • Marriage coaching
  • Couples coaching
  • Individual counseling
  • Break up coaching
  • Relationship life coaching

Create the enjoyable and enviable partnerships you've always dreamed of having by working through your differences with an experienced coach with a proven track record for success.

Get started today by phoning Jon to book an appointment at your convenience.

Life Mentors Save Relationships from Falling Apart

When your relationship starts to fail, it's easy to consider splitting up as the only logical solution to the problem. However, there are many benefits of involving a licensed life mentor to help you work through complex challenges that can set you up for successful and fulfilling partnerships that last.

Some of these include:

  • A renewed sense of hope
  • Rediscovery of lost love
  • Support
  • Breaking destructive patterns
  • Reading and understanding your partner
  • Enhanced and meaningful communication
  • Improvements in-person strength
  • Align expectations
  • Coping skills for difficult situations

Jon uses a calm and easy-going approach to connect you and your partner with the skills you need to develop a deeper understanding of one another and rekindle romantic feelings.

To learn more about these methods, don't hesitate to schedule a risk-free consultation with Jon.

Marriage and Relationship Life Coaching Packages

Investing in your relationship is the best way to get the dividends you've envisioned. However, it's not always easy to take a step back to analyze the challenges you are facing.

That's where Jon comes in. His licensed life coaching packages are tailored to meet each couple's unique needs and goals. Sit down with him during a no-obligation consultation to learn more about the valuable skills and experience Jon brings to the table.

Find a Life Coach Near You

Are you looking to find a life coach near you with a proven record for reconnecting couples who are facing challenges in their relationships? Coaching For Your Life LLC's life coach, John Newcomb, is Maple Grove's top resource for gaining a deeper understanding of your partner, meeting your relationship needs and goals, and building a better future—together.

Dial (612) 227-2001 to set up an appointment to consult with Jon (with no obligation on your behalf).

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