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Do you ever ask yourself tough questions such as… Why has my life not played out the way I once hoped and dreamed?... Have significant relationships in my life become more painful than pleasurable?... Does anyone else struggle as I do with organizing my schedule and tasks?... Why do I feel so lost when it comes to finding the motivation to accomplish goals that I have set for myself?

Master coach Jon Newcomb has invested decades of his life to position himself to assist folks like you in strengthening their resolve to turn their lives around. Offering practical principles for setting and achieving measurable goals and objectives… Assisting clients in discovering meaning and purpose in their career, their primary relationships and in their families… Crafting a fulfilling way of living that is not only personally rewarding but is also sustainable.

Over the years, Jon has provided tested and proven techniques designed to provide structure and balance to one’s life and relationships. Over one thousand satisfied clients have benefited from Jon’s guidance in establishing life goals and going on to achieve them.

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